Creating a Company

A few years ago I and my sister created our own business. We built a café which called “Like at home”. We used only the best material and brand-new furniture to make the place where everyone could feel himself like at home. Here you can see our building plan:

As my sister is good with figures, she becomes our accountant. She works flexi time, so she always has time to help me at the kitchen. As you can understand, I am a chief and I really good on it. I’m always snowed under different works, despite of cooking, and rushed off my feet. To confirm this, I decided to show you these photos:

I and Christina work well in one team, but now we become really popular and we can’t deal with all this work. That is why we decided to climb the career ladder and to offer more people a job, because we want to expand our business.
So, we are waiting for someone who are a people person and could deal with a lot of food! J It means that we are waiting for you! That is why, if you are interested in this wor…


In the first video we see a conducted research project of a distinguished scholar Sugata Mitra. He takes the view that the education system is too old. This means, that the aim of education today is not to make people follow the ideology. He makes an experiment, which shows no difference between knowledge of poor and rich children.He explains that not only gifted children are quick learners. Even those who are poor and live in some remote areas are real eager beavers and have a thirst for knowledge.Also, he suggests that children acquire their knowledge by working together, without much teacher involvement, except for him or her asking them some questions. In the second video,Ken Robinson tells us, that all children are gifted.But, now many students are dropping out of the courses or playing truant. They are not interested in studying like bookworms. All students are individuals, so, teachers should use different approaches to each of them. The students don't want to complete tedi…

Appearance, Character, Relationships


Feelings, Emotions and Body Language

The human body is the best picture of the human soul.  - Ludwig Wittgenstein
To my mind, body language can tell us more about people, than their words. There are a lot of books in which we could read interesting facts about humans character which is expressed by their gestures. The way we talk, walk, sit and stand all say something about us, and whatever is happening on the inside can be reflected on the outside. Sometimes it is difficult to bottle up your emotions, and here you can see some photos which make me fell cheerful and grateful for every nice and happy moment in my life.
Here I and my camp colleague Kate seem to be on cloud nine because we have a lot of fun with our children and they make us feel in a state of euphoria.
In this photo you can see three little girls, who look like they are deriving pleasure from thinking about having a great sense of achievements. This photo reminds me the moment which really made my day. My children seemed to be in high spirits, because they won…


My pictures with speech bubbles:

Word Families and Word Formation

“You're kidding. I thought all geniuses read Latin. Isn't that the international language for smart people?"-Shane (Glass Houses)”

There are a lot of incredible quotes about Greek and Latin languages and one of them attracted my attention. As you see, I've manifested a superiorone which belongs to Shane (Glass Houses) and it’s about unconfinedLatin language. As really, Latin language is very significant for everybody, because it’s a basis for many languages in the world. The knowledge of Latin can bring enormous benefits, because of some prefixes. For example, mono- monolingual, monogamy.
To make your language excellent, you should use multipleareasof learning and one of them is knowing that Greek and Latin roots and prefixes are one of the supernatural opportunities which could help your phonetic and scribing tools.If you want to learn English language do not postpone using books about geography,philosophy and psychology, and then you’ll see not only the overusing Gree…